Medical Q&As

Psoriasis and sun

My partner is on a waiting list to see a skin specialist about his psoriasis; his appointment is not until October. However we are going on holidays soon and I just want to know does he need to take any special precautions with the heat?

Many of my patients have observed that their psoriasis actually improves on a sun holiday. If your partner is not too extensively covered by the rash and is not overly self-conscious about stripping off it could be beneficial to let his skin be exposed to the sunlight. I give this advice very cautiously because he still must ensure that he does not allow himself to get burned. Phototherapy is often used in the treatment of psoriasis under very strictly controlled conditions. The ultraviolet wavelengths used are the predominant wavelengths found in natural sunlight. With regard to heat, as opposed to light effects, it is best to wear cotton clothing and avoid synthetic fabrics.