Medical Q&As

Rash on shins

I am a forty-year-old male with reddish brown marks under my skin from my shins down to my toes. I did have a medical about two months ago and my GP didn't seem too concerned but it is worrying me a little. Any ideas or advice would be appreciated.

It is very difficult to give good advice about skin rashes without seeing the rash. It is reassuring that you have passed a recent medical and that your GP was not perturbed about the rash. In the absence of other symptoms and your comment that the rash has been present for a few months I would suggest that this could be a form of eczema. Sorry I cannot be more helpful but diagnosis in dermatology is entirely based on pattern recognition. In the absence of visual clues it is difficult to be more helpful. Perhaps you should go back to your GP and tell him that the rash has not cleared up.