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Abnormal smear - cause of pain?

When I was 25 years old I had a smear test that revealed the presence of pre-cancerous cervical cells (CIN 2). These were removed by laser treatment. Every smear test since then has been clear. I had a baby 2 years ago and have been suffering severe back and pelvic pain on and off since then. I was given the all clear at my postnatal check up. Do you think the back pain is the result of the pregnancy or is it possible the pre-cancerous cells have come back?

Pre-cancerous cells are by definition not cancerous therefore they are not malignant and could not possibly account for your back or pelvic pain even if they had recurred. CIN changes can recur even after successful treatment but as you have indicated in your question all of your smear tests in recent years have been normal and that you were recently given the all clear following the birth of your baby. Your recent pregnancy is a possible cause of your pain and such persistent pain following pregnancy is quite common. I would suggest that you attend your GP and have this pain evaluated. It is possible that you might need some physical treatment such as deep heat or even traction, which could be organised through a local chartered physiotherapist. In summary, pre-cancerous cells could not possibly account for your pain.