Medical Q&As

Skin tag - want it removed?

I have a skin tag at the top of my right leg that I want removed. Do I have to go to my GP first to get a referral letter for a hospital consultant or is there a walk in clinic somewhere, where I can have it excised under local anaesthetic.

You should check with your GP first and establish if he or she can remove this lesion for you. Many GPs perform minor surgery and some have developed considerable expertise in dealing with lesions such as you describe. If your GP does not provide such services it might be possible for you to be referred to another GP in your locality who could perform the procedure for you. If either of these options is not available to you your GP could provide you with a letter of referral to a consultant. The normal procedure would be for the consultant to see you at a private clinic or public hospital and then schedule you to return another day to have the lesion removed. Given the nature of the lesion you describe it should be possible to remove this under local anaesthetic. Depending on its size it might even be possible to freeze it off with cryotherapy. I am not aware of the existence of any “walk in” facilities that provide such services.