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Plagiocephaly - will baby grow out of it?

My query is about plagiocephaly: will baby’s skull resume normal shape within its first year?

The term plagiocephaly is derived from the Greek language; plagios meaning oblique or slanting and kephale meaning head. Essentially the term is used to describe a misshapen head. Plagiocephaly can be associated with restricted space in the womb such as would arise with twins, triplets or oligohydramnios. Oligohydramnios means that a small amount of fluid is present within the amniotic sac during pregnancy. Plagiocephaly can also arise if some of the skull bones fuse prematurely. It can also occasionally arise if an infant mainly sleeps on its back. The management of plagiocephaly depends on the cause of the condition. If it is due to premature fusion of the skull bones surgery might be indicated. Other causes might require regular repositioning of the child’s head or passive neck exercises. Some children might even benefit from custom made helmets that help to remould the shape of the skull. However, many children with plagiocephaly do not require active intervention and in many cases the misshapenness of the baby’s skull disappears before the baby’s first birthday.