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Genital warts - which treatment ?

I was diagnosed with HPV (human papilloma virus) or genital warts two years ago and was treated with Aldara. It was effective at the time but now they are back. I've got an appointment at the STD clinic but it is not for weeks yet. I have read about a product called Beta-mannan, which is supposed to be effective against genital warts and I am thinking about buying it. Can you advise me please?

Genital warts can recur even if they have been successfully treated in the past. Aldara is one of several effective treatments for HPV and it can be prescribed for you by your GP. It is not necessary for you to wait for your appointment at the STD clinic in order to renew a prescription for that particular product. Since it has worked effectively for you in the past and you had no difficulties with that treatment it would make sense to repeat treatment with the same product. Beta-mannan, which you refer to in your question, is an extract of aloe vera. Many claims have been made for its effectiveness in treating HPV infection but I am not aware of it being subjected to rigorous scientific analysis such as randomised controlled testing. My advice is to stick with the product that has worked for you in the past. It has been subjected to rigorous scientific analysis and is of proven effectiveness.