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Skin tags - removal?

Where do I go to get skin tags removed from under my arm pits?

Skin tags are very common benign skin growths. Their cause is unknown and they predominantly tend to occur from middle age onwards. Usually they are quite small and tend to be located on the neck, armpits and body folds. There is no malignant potential with skin tags and they can be left alone indefinitely. The usual reasons for removing them would be their cosmetic appearance or if they were catching in clothing or jewellery. Your GP should be able to remove skin tags for you. Most GPs perform cryotherapy, which is a form of therapy that involves freezing the lesion with an extremely cold probe. The lesion usually falls off over the following days. Skin tags donít regrow after removal but fresh skin tags can appear on other areas of the body at any time. Cryotherapy usually removes the skin tags without residual scarring.