Medical Q&As


My wife has a condition called vaginismus. We have been attending a therapist for the last 4 months but penetration is still not possible and we are advancing very slowly. Do you have any suggestions where we could seek alternative treatment or are there any drugs that can be prescribed to relax her enough to allow full sexual intercourse?

Vaginismus is a psychologically conditioned response that results in tightening of the vaginal muscles which prevents the penis from entering the vagina. Women with vaginismus are often sexually responsive so it is important not to confuse the condition with frigidity or lack of sexual arousal. The reasons for this response are many and varied and unravelling the cause may take some time. It appears to me that you are frustrated at the slow response to therapy. Drugs are rarely if ever used in the treatment of vaginismus. I think you need to discuss this matter with your therapist. Sometimes it can take many months to solve this problem. There are no quick shortcuts but do stay in a positive frame of mind. Most couples with this problem can be helped.