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Fibroids - affect the bowel?

Can fibroids affect the bowel and give a sensation of trapped wind?

If the fibroids were particularly large it is conceivable that one or more fibroids could press on the bowel and give rise to constipation or trapped flatus. However menstrual irregularity would be the commonest symptom with fibroids. Periods tend to last longer and the actual flow tends to be heavier. This excessive menstrual flow can give rise to iron deficiency anaemia. Large fibroids can also press on the bladder giving rise to frequent urination and may also generate a sensation of not having emptied the bladder completely. If fibroids were to press on the ureters this could reduce the flow of urine from the kidneys to the bladder, which could pre-dispose to recurrent urinary tract infection. However, the fibroids would need to be reasonably large in order to cause any of the pressure effects I have described.