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Balanitis - cause bed wetting?

Could there be any connection between balanitis and bed-wetting in a six-year-old boy with no evidence of bacteria in his urine sample?

Balanitis is an inflammatory condition that affects the glans penis and foreskin. In early childhood the inflammation may simply be an extension of nappy rash onto the penis. In older children it can happen as a result of yeast or bacterial infection under the foreskin. The condition occurs less frequently in circumcised males. Simple bathing of the area is all that is required in many cases however some cases might require the application of an antibiotic cream to the affected area. It is possible that balanitis due to bacterial infection could give rise to urinary tract infection, which in turn could give rise to bed-wetting. You indicate that the child had no evidence of bacteria in his urine. I wonder was this statement based on dipstick testing of the urine or was the urine cultured in the microbiology laboratory? It is possible for a dipstick result to appear relatively normal yet urinary infection could be present. Therefore if the urine was not cultured it would be reasonable to proceed to do so. If there were no evidence of bacterial infection in the urine it would be unlikely for balanitis alone to give rise to bed-wetting.