Medical Q&As

Erectile failure

I am in my forties and two years ago I had a major health scare when I had a 'lump' removed from my groin. It turned out to be benign eventually but I was very sore and very sick for a long period. A couple of months later I had a hernia operation on the other side. Now I don't feel the urge for sex at all. When we have had sex recently I haven't always been able to get and hold an erection. What can I do?

I think you should talk this over with your GP who may be able to help or alternatively could refer you on to a specialist. You have had a serious health scare and have undergone a couple of painful surgical procedures on the groin region. It is possible that you experienced some pain when you resumed sexual intercourse after you had recuperated from the surgery and this may have contributed to the failure of erection. Having failed once you can become conditioned to expect failure again and the problem of erectile failure becomes more persistent I donít think you need be worried about your problem being a physical complication of the surgery. I would be very optimistic that this difficulty is only temporary and can be put right.