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Testicle - retracts up from scrotum?

I have a problem with my right testicle. Whenever I ejaculate I can feel it move. It looks like it disappears or it moves up to the side of my penis, instead of staying below in the scrotum. There is no real pain, but it is uncomfortable and worrisome whenever it happens. It's something I just really noticed in the past few weeks. Is this something I should have looked at or is it something that's not serious?

The movement of your right testicle is due to contraction of the cremaster muscle, which retracts the testicle up from the scrotum. This muscle can sometimes be over active and can give rise to discomfort in the testicle and groin during sexual arousal and ejaculation. The cremaster muscle is a very thin membranous muscle that envelops the testicle and the spermatic cord from which the testicle hangs. This muscle is an extension from the internal oblique muscle of the abdomen and it extends from the internal opening of the inguinal canal, which runs parallel to the groin crease at the top of your thigh. When the cremaster contracts it draws up the testicle towards the inguinal canal, which can be quite uncomfortable. You do not indicate your age but I suspect that you are probably a young man because this phenomenon occurs most frequently in younger men. This over activity of the muscle is harmless and has no implications with regard to sexual function or fertility.