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FAP - treatment options?

I previously asked a question about familial adenomatous polyposis (FAP) and my daughters were given a flexible sigmoidoscopy. One of my daughters was shown to have FAP and a biopsy was taken. What happens now? I was in too much shock to ask the specialist?

I think you need to return to the specialist and discuss this matter further. Very often when people receive disturbing news they hear very little of the additional important information from the doctor and they leave the consulting room in a dazed state of shock. The major concern with FAP is that the presence of multiple polyps is a significant risk factor for the development of carcinoma of the colon. That is the reason why a preventive colectomy or removal of the colon is often recommended. Recent research from the United States suggests that celecoxib, a drug used for treating arthritis, might have a role in the treatment of FAP because it has been shown to reduce the number of polyps in the colon. The significance of this research has to be fully evaluated, which is the reason why I am suggesting that you need to have a follow up discussion with the specialist. Your specialist is the best person to advise you about the treatment options that are available.