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High blood pressure - cost of tests?

What are the costs of a hospital stay for 1 week for blood pressure investigation where the patient has no VHI or medical card?

I assume that your question refers to investigations conducted in a private hospital. Hospital charges can vary but on average the daily charge for occupying a hospital bed is of the order of Ä300 per day. This sum of money simply covers the bed and meal costs and does not include the cost of a consultantís time or the various investigations that would be necessary. The real cost of the various investigations would cost several hundred euro on top of the bed charge. However, it is not usually necessary to be admitted to hospital to undergo investigation of high blood pressure unless a personís medical history was very complicated. The majority of investigations for high blood pressure can be performed at outpatient level. Admission to hospital for one week for the investigation of high blood pressure would be unusually long but perhaps there are special circumstances in your case that require such lengthy admission. If such admission were required for a week the final bill would be in excess of Ä2,500.