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Ectopic pregnancy - fitness for work?

In August of last year I had a right ectopic pregnancy and fortunately my right Fallopian tube was saved. In mid February of this year I had another right ectopic pregnancy but this time my tube was removed. How long should we wait before trying again for another baby, and when should I return to work? My job is very physical in that I work with small children.

You have been through a surgical procedure and it takes a number of weeks for your wounds to heal. It is quite likely that intercourse would be uncomfortable for you in the early weeks after the ectopic pregnancy. There are no absolute rules about resuming intercourse in these circumstances but in general terms it would be safe for you to resume intercourse once it was comfortable for you to do so. In general terms this is likely to take at least two to three weeks. I would also suggest that you defer trying to become pregnant again until you have had your first period after the ectopic. That would at least signify that your normal hormonal cycles have resumed. With regard to return to work I would anticipate that you would be fit for work by the end of this month, considering the fact that your work is reasonably strenuous and demanding. Four to six weeks after an ectopic pregnancy would be a reasonable time frame for considering a return to work, assuming that recovery was uneventful.