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Perforated womb - difficult to get pregnant?

Will it be difficult for me to become pregnant because my womb was perforated by the insertion of a coil, thus resulting in my not having the coil inserted?

Perforation of the womb is a rare complication of coil insertion. The perforation is usually small and in the majority of cases it heals without needing specific treatment. In other words the small hole in the womb simply heals itself. Since fertilisation of the egg takes place in one of the Fallopian tubes the womb perforation should not have any implications in relation to conception. Neither should it have any negative implications with regard to implantation in the wall of the womb. Once conception and implantation have taken place the course of the pregnancy should not be influenced by the accidental perforation. In summary, the perforation will not make it more difficult for you to become pregnant.