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Ultrasound of testicle - how's it done?

I have been referred by my GP for a testicular ultrasound, after discovering a small lump on my left testicle. Can you please tell me what to expect during this examination?

An ultrasound examination of the testicle is a safe and painless investigation. The procedure is largely similar to the ultrasound scan that many expectant mothers undergo except in the case of the testicular examination the sensor is applied to the testicle and not the abdomen. A water-based gel is applied to the skin of the scrotum and the sensor is applied to the skin and gently moved around the surface of the scrotum until the full extent of the underlying testicle has been visualised. The procedure takes less than 30minutes and does not require the use of needles or other unpleasant devices. The images are subsequently inspected by a consultant radiologist who then dictates a report on the test and dispatches it to the GP.