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High blood pressure - tablets working?

I have mild hypertension and my doctor prescribed a drug for me called Centyl K. I have been taking the tablets for the past six weeks and according to my home blood pressure monitor the pressure has not gone down yet. Can you tell me does this drug take time to work or should it drop my blood pressure immediately?

Centyl K belongs to the thiazide diuretic class of drugs. This drug is one of the most widely prescribed antihypertensives and has a long track record of safety. Its effects on blood pressure reduction tend to be gradual rather than sudden but I would have expected some reduction in pressure albeit slight, following six weeks of unbroken treatment. As a general rule, in the case of mild hypertension, it would be reasonable to adjust the drug dosage after an interval of 4 to 8 weeks if the target level was not being achieved. I would suggest that you bring a record of your blood pressure readings when you next visit your GP. This data will assist your GP in deciding if any adjustments are needed in your treatment. One final point, it is generally preferable to reduce blood pressure gradually in order to guard against unpleasant side effects, which could be triggered if the pressure was reduced suddenly. It is only in the case of dangerously high blood pressure that the pressure needs to be dropped precipitately.