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Liver - raised Gamma GT?

After a routine blood test, I have been told I have an elevated Gamma GT level in my blood. Can you tell me what this means?

Gamma GT is an abbreviation for glutamytransferase, which is an enzyme found in liver cells and the biliary tract. It is a very sensitive indicator of abnormality in the liver or bile duct system. However, an elevated Gamma GT is not a specific indicator of a particular condition. It can be elevated in a diverse range of liver diseases including various forms of hepatitis. It is also important to stress that sometimes it can be elevated in the case of heart attack and renal failure. If there were a concern about the state of your liver then the significance of an elevated Gamma GT would have to be evaluated in conjunction with a measurement of other liver enzymes. Gamma GT estimation alone would not give sufficient information upon which to base a definitive opinion. The commonest reason for an elevated Gamma GT is excessive consumption of alcohol. If you drink heavily it would be advisable to curtail your drinking and have the test repeated again within the next few months. If your elevated Gamma GT is due to alcohol consumption you should find that the level would return to normal once you reduce your alcohol intake.