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Post abortion - health not good?

My girlfriend had an abortion last November and is only at the moment grieving or trying to. A number of ailments have popped up: frequent urination, hair falling out, lowered libido, irritability, depression, frustration, lowered immune system, bloating, dry skin, herpes simplex in mouth, weight loss, forgetfulness, greasy hair. Her period has not arrived this month and we did a pregnancy test last night and it was negative. What could the problem be? What steps need to be taken?

It sounds as if your girlfriend is going through a very difficult experience. She has a lot of symptoms that could be of physical, psychological or hormonal origin. The immediate priority for her is to visit her GP and be medically assessed. Maybe shes depressed. Perhaps there is a hormonal basis for her symptoms, which could tie in with her menstrual irregularity. You have used the term grieving in relation to the abortion, which raises the question in my mind; did she have any counselling prior to seeking the abortion? There are many questions to be answered here but the first priority must be to seek medical attention. If your girlfriend is reluctant to see her own GP because she is afraid of the GPs possible reaction to the abortion then she should see someone else. Your girlfriend needs to be seen by a doctor who will treat her in a non-judgemental fashion and address her immediate health needs. I would not delay any longer before seeking medical help. Your girlfriend does not sound well to me.