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Recurrent nosebleeds - causes?

What could be the cause of recurring nosebleeds? I have been getting one or more a week for the past couple of months. This week I had quite a few. I am a healthy 24 year old woman.

The commonest causes of nosebleeds include upper respiratory tract infection, trauma, strenuous exercise, very cold air, nasal sprays and picking the nose. The volume of blood lost can be significant and it is not unusual for people to develop anaemia as a result of nosebleeds. Recurrent nosebleeds are often due to fragility in the nasal blood vessels particularly in an area in the nostril known as Little’s area. In that scenario the affected vessels are fragile and prone to burst. Such cases benefit from cauterising the blood vessels. Recurrent nosebleeds may also be an indicator of an underlying medical condition such as high blood pressure. Large doses of aspirin can also contribute to nosebleeds because of the drugs effect on the platelets, which are a crucial element in the clotting process. Very rarely the bleeding may be due to an underlying bleeding disorder. I would advise that you visit your GP and have this matter assessed. Recurrent nosebleeds should not be ignored.