Medical Q&As

Pressure pains

I am 6 weeks pregnant and have been experiencing very uncomfortable cramp like pain in my lower abdomen on and off during the day and night. Is this normal and what is the cause?

You say that the pain is very uncomfortable so I would suggest that you visit your doctor to be assessed. In general terms it is quite common for women to experience lower abdominal pain at various stages during pregnancy. In the first three months of pregnancy the foetus and womb grow to the point that the enlarged womb can no longer be contained within the confined space of the pelvis. This expansion can cause pressure on the pelvic muscles, pelvic ligaments, the bladder and the lower end of the colon. As the womb occupies more space within the lower abdomen there is increased pressure on the anterior abdominal wall muscles, groin ligaments, the gut and various nerves. These pains are frequently categorised under the “catch all” phrase of pressure pains. There’s only so much room in there!