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D and C - aftermath?

I recently had a D and C and I would like to know when I could resume sexual intercourse? Also, how will the procedure affect my next period? I had the operation because I had had an infection, possibly due to retained products from my last pregnancy.

The term D and C (dilatation and curettage) refers to a procedure in which the cervical os, or opening into the womb, is dilated in order to permit the passage of a curette into the womb. The curette is used to gently scrape out any material remaining in the womb and the first period after the D and C tends to be a little heavier than usual. There are no absolute rules about resumption of sexual intercourse after this procedure but it would be reasonable to defer resumption for approximately two weeks after the D and C. It would also be recommended that sanitary pads rather than tampons are used for any vaginal bleeding that might occur in the days following the D and C.