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Strabismus - surgery available?

I am interested in obtaining information on surgical treatment for strabismus. Are there ophthalmologists in Ireland that perform surgery on this disorder?

Strabismus is colloquially referred to as a “turn in the eye”. There are several ophthalmologists in Ireland that are skilled in surgery for this condition. It is important to realise that the purpose of such surgery is to realign the eyes and that it has no impact on any underlying defect in vision. Poor vision can only be corrected by wearing an eye patch or glasses or both. Surgery involves resection of the extraocular muscles, which are the muscles that are responsible for moving the eyes. These muscles are attached to the surface of the eyeball. The procedure results in a lengthening or shortening of particular sets of muscles, which corrects the misalignment of the eyes. Comprehensive preoperative assessment is essential so that the ophthalmologist can measure the degree to which the extraocular muscles need to be realigned. The goal of surgery is to realign the eyes as close to normal as possible. However, it must be understood that a perfect result cannot be guaranteed.