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Periods - bring them forward?

I am menstruating at the moment and am due to start on the pill again over the coming days. My partner and I are going on vacation on 31st March for 3 weeks and for my first week there I will be menstruating. Can you please advise me how I can bring my period forward (donít know if this is possible) so that I will be menstruating the week before I go?

Periods can come at the most inconvenient of times but there is a simple solution to your problem. Start your January packet of pills as usual. When you finish that packet of pills do not take the usual pill-free break for seven days and start off on your next packet of pills the very next day. When you complete the second packet of pills you then take the usual seven day pill-free break, which will bring on your period. You then revert to your former pattern of pill taking. This will ensure that your period will occur in the week before you go on holidays. You will simply have dropped one pill-free interval of seven days. This is a perfectly safe solution to your problem and does not affect your level of contraceptive protection.