Medical Q&As

Swollen leg

This afternoon I developed a sudden pain in my right knee, as if I'd sprained it, but did not. The pain has now spread over my leg from knee to ankle and the leg appears to be swollen. There is a lot of pain centred on the knee. I am 73 and living alone. I wondered if it could be a clot?

It would be as well to visit your doctor to have your leg examined. It is possible that you have a clot in the leg however the fact that the pain is centred around your knee makes this less likely. Clots occur in the deep veins of the calf and can be very painful. They are regarded with some seriousness because a fragment can break off from the clot and travel to the heart and lungs. I cannot exclude the possibility of a clot on the basis of your symptoms. You really need to be medically examined.