Medical Q&As

Smear test - accompanied by boyfriend?

I am due a smear test next week and would like for my fiancé to accompany me during the test. Therefore I am wondering how common is this here in Ireland and will the doctor object to him being in the room?

It would be unusual for a male to accompany his fiancée while she was attending her GP for a smear test. Some men might attend the surgery with their fiancée but the usual practice would be for the man to wait in the waiting room while the examination was being performed. Most women attend alone for this particular examination. However, if it was particularly important to you and your fiancé that you both attend together you should mention this before you attend the surgery for the smear test. I suspect that doctors would differ in their attitude to such a request. Some would be quite open to the request whereas others might object. I think it would be best to check with the doctor first before you attend.