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Positive pregnancy test - now bleeding?

I missed my period two weeks ago and a pregnancy test proved positive on two separate occasions. I have just visited my doctor who has sent relevant tests to the lab and carried out an initial examination. Today I have heavy “period-like” bleeding and cramps, which are not too severe but are more painful than usual. Can I take this as a period given this early stage of pregnancy or is there a need to return to my doctor? What is the benefit of returning at this point? Had I not tested for pregnancy I would have assumed this was a normal late period. I have a phobia of hospitals and do not wish to attend if not necessary.

I would suggest that you make contact with your doctor and discuss these symptoms. The cramps and bleeding you describe suggest the possibility of a threatened miscarriage given the fact that you have had two positive pregnancy tests in recent days. If the bleeding settles it would be important to repeat the pregnancy test in order to confirm that the pregnancy is continuing. On a reassuring note, many women with threatened miscarriages proceed on to full term deliveries and give birth to healthy normal babies. Miscarriage is not an inevitable consequence of bleeding such as you describe. I note your comment about hospital phobia but it may not be necessary for you to attend the hospital. Your GP would be able to advise you if such referral were necessary at this stage.