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Testicular lump - worried wife?

My husband is 34 years old and has had lump on his left testicle since before I knew him. He had the lump looked at over 5 years ago and the doctor said it was benign, but since then this lump has enlarged and I am worried. He said there is nothing to worry about, but will not go see a doctor just to be sure. Is this something I should worry about and should he go see a doctor? He doesn’t have any symptoms and we are having our first child this month.

Your question raises many fundamental issues and in particular it raises the question; who has the problem here? Your husband has the lump but you are the one that is worried. Your husband has had the lump checked before, was told it was benign and has told you not to worry. But clearly you are concerned and are not reassured. The simple answer from me would be to say that your husband should have the lump examined again. But if he is genuinely not concerned such a visit would be more for the benefit of reassuring you rather than him. Also, who says the lump is getting bigger? Has your husband noticed this or have you. Maybe your husband is in denial regarding the size of the lump. Or perhaps he was reassured from the previous consultation and feels no need to re-attend for further examination. The two of you need to agree about how to proceed. I do not wish to undermine your husband nor do I wish to be insensitive to your concerns. I would suggest that you tell your husband that you are worried and I would also suggest that you show him this reply to your question.