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Virginity - hymen intact?

I think that technically I am still a virgin even though I have had penetrative sex, but I don't know my own internal geography well enough to be sure. How can I check if my hymen is still intact?

The fact that you have had penetrative sexual intercourse means that you are not a virgin. Virginity simply means that a person has never engaged in sexual intercourse. Most women do not have an intact hymen by the time that they engage in sexual intercourse for the first time. The hymen is a very delicate membrane and can be torn quite easily. In many cases it is torn in childhood during rough and tumble play and in the case of adolescent females it may be torn as a result of using tampons for menstruation. The best way for you to inspect your genitalia is to use a mirror. If you open your legs and retract the labia you should be able to see the various structures at the entrance to your vagina. It might help if you had an anatomical diagram that lists the various structures in your external genitalia. The following link will allow you to access an anatomically correct diagram of the female genitalia, which should assist you in the process: