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Frenulum - has torn a second time?

I tore my frenulum about three months ago and it healed. I have been having active sex for a month now but I have torn it again. Is it serious? Will it keep on ripping? Can anything be done?

The frenulum connects the foreskin to the glans or head of the penis. Its appearance varies greatly from man to man. In some cases it can consist of a large amount of tissue and in other cases it can be practically non-existent. It is worth noting that it is normal for the frenulum to be taut when the foreskin is fully retracted such as happens when the penis is fully erect. It is not unusual for the frenulum to tear during intercourse but this tear usually heals spontaneously over the subsequent few days. The frenulum consists of erogenous tissue and therefore is highly sensitive, which can result in significant soreness when it is torn. The condition is not serious and does not usually require any treatment unless the area continues to be very sore and sensitive. It could tear again but that is not likely to happen. Since you have resumed sexual activity I would assume that you donít have any residual symptoms in which case nothing further needs to be done.