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Ringworm - not getting better?

I have been suffering from ringworm on and off for more than two years. It occurs on my legs above my knees. I have been using an antifungal cream containing a steroid but the rash keeps coming back. I have no pets therefore I donít know why this keeps happening. The longest I have been clear is a couple of months. Any suggestions?

The term ringworm means different things to different people and I am assuming in answering your question that we both understand that we are referring to a fungal infection of the skin. In my experience modern antifungal creams are very effective in eliminating fungal infection and I wonder if your diagnosis is correct. If you have not already done so I would suggest that you visit your GP in order to have the diagnosis confirmed. It is possible that you have a skin condition other than ringworm. You could be suffering from psoriasis or eczema in either of which case the steroid in the cream you have been using might give some temporary relief. Alternatively if your diagnosis is correct you might need to be treated systemically with tablets rather than applying a cream to the affected area. I note your comment about pets and that is very relevant because pets are a common source of ringworm. However, you can sometimes be re-infected with ringworm from items of clothing that have been in contact with the skin lesions. Therefore I would suggest that such items be cleaned in order to remove the possibility of contaminating areas of skin that have been successfully treated.