Medical Q&As

Sexual abuse - need counselling?

Where can I find a counsellor for someone who was sexually abused as a child? The person is now 39 years old and the abuse occurred when the person was 4.

Each of the regional health boards has established counselling services for adults who were victims of sexual abuse during childhood. The contact numbers for these services are listed in the telephone directory for each health board under the heading “counselling services for adults who experienced childhood abuse”. Alternatively the person could see a counsellor in private practice that is experienced in dealing with people who have been sexually abused. You do not indicate which area of the country you live in but there would be several such counsellors in practice in various parts of Ireland. Your GP might be able to assist you in locating a counsellor with the necessary expertise and could give a personal recommendation based on his or her experience in referring people to that counsellor. There are also several counsellors listed in the Golden Pages telephone directory that list dealing with victims of abuse as one of their specialties.