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Womb prolapse - due to car crash?

I was involved in a minor car crash which wasn’t my fault. I suffered whiplash and needed physiotherapy and was on inflammatory drugs and pain killers. A few weeks later I was in hospital for a gynaecological procedure (I have endometriosis) and they found that my womb was prolapsed. My question is could this have any connection with the car crash?

Prolapse of the womb is usually caused by a gradual process of weakening in the pelvic floor. The pelvic floor consists of various muscles and ligaments that keep the womb suspended within the pelvis. The commonest causes of uterine prolapse include protracted labour, vaginal delivery of large babies and instrumental deliveries involving the use of instruments such as forceps or vacuum extractors. The menopause and the ageing process can also contribute to the development of prolapse. Prolapse does not develop suddenly and is more likely to occur as a result of prolonged strain on the pelvic floor. It is unlikely that the prolapse of your womb was due to the car accident.