Medical Q&As

Viral infection - not resolving?

My partner has been feeling unwell, blurred vision, dizziness, lethargic, weakness, and tingling in his fingers. He did visit his doctor who said that it was a viral infection. They are not continuous symptoms, they come and go. The doctor told him to keep taking paracetamol, and it will work its way out of his system. He felt ok for about 4 days and then the symptoms returned. I must mention that he has lost about 2 to 3 stone in weight recently, which he had been trying to lose. Do you think he should return to his doctor for more tests? He is quite worried.

On the basis of probability it is quite likely that your partnerís symptoms are due to a self-limiting viral infection. However, he is still very worried about himself, which means that he is not totally reassured by the doctorís diagnosis. In that case he should revisit the doctor and tell the doctor that he is still very worried about his illness. Your partner may have specific concerns that he has not explicitly mentioned to the doctor. For example, he could be worried that there is something more sinister the matter with him. If he doesnít articulate his fears then the doctor cannot really address them. It would be reasonable to delay revisiting for a couple of days and see if the symptoms resolve as the doctor suggested they would. However, if the symptoms do not abate after that short interval then your partner should revisit the doctor.