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Pilonidal sinus - antibiotic treatment?

My son has a pilonidal sinus. This was confirmed by his GP. He was given a choice of going into hospital to have surgery or alternatively to have antibiotic treatment to try and clear up the infection. He chose the latter. I am concerned that the antibiotic may clear the infection for now but will not cure the problem. I would welcome your advice.

A pilonidal sinus can result in recurrent infection and can be quite a troublesome condition for some people. As you say, the antibiotic would have cleared up the infection but the underlying condition remains and could recur at any time in the future. If your son has no continuing symptoms it would be reasonable to defer further intervention for the present. If the sinus should become infected again it would be reasonable to make arrangements for the sinus to be removed electively. Although infection can recur it is not inevitable that it would. Therefore for the present it would be reasonable to defer further action.