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Testicular lump - get second opinion?

Recently I noticed a lump on one of my testicles. The lump was in the area of the epididymis. I visited my doctor who told me that it was fine. The lump then seemed to vanish of its own accord. However recently it appeared again and this time was extremely painful. It was in the exact same area as before. I have noticed though that the pain decreases after ejaculation and the size of the lump or swelling decreases. Should I get a second opinion?

This sounds to me like an epididymal cyst, which means a small fluid-filled sac in the epididymis. They are also known by the alternative name of a spermatocoele. Epididymal cysts are usually harmless and are particularly common in men over the age of 40. Sometimes only one cyst is present on one side but occasionally multiple cysts are present on both sides. Very often these cysts disappear but they can recur. It is usually not necessary to treat epididymal cysts. However, if a cyst becomes very uncomfortable or large it is possible to remove it surgically. I would suggest that you return to your GP and have this diagnosis confirmed. If you then decide that you would like to have the benefit of a second opinion I am your GP would have no difficulty in complying with that request. At the end of the day the most important consideration is that you be reassured about the nature of the swelling.