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Cyclical neutropaenia - what is it?

I am looking for some information on cyclical neutropaenia.

Cyclical neutropaenia is a rare disorder that affects the white cells in the blood. It affects the neutrophils, which are a particular type of white cell that are important in protecting the body against bacterial infection. The disorder is cyclical as a result of changing rates of cell production in the bone marrow. The other cellular elements in the blood, such as the red blood cells are not affected by the disorder. The numbers of neutrophils in the blood can drop to very low levels at approximately three-week intervals and remain low for up to a week. At those times the person is very prone to developing severe infection because they are unable to combat infection effectively due to the low neutrophil count. These cyclical changes in the neutrophil count are often accompanied by recurrent bouts of ulceration in the mouth.