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Loss of libido - for past ten years?

I have had an ectopic pregnancy, a hysterectomy and four operations for adhesions in my abdomen. I have not experienced any sexual desire in over 10years, which is not right .None of the doctors I have spoken to even try to help .I have tried Viagra and that didnít help so I have given up but I fell really bad for my husband. Please can you help?

It is very difficult to know where to start in answering your question. The causes of loss of libido or lack of sexual desire are many. It is quite possible that the many operations you have undergone have had some bearing on the situation. You have been through an ectopic pregnancy and a hysterectomy, both of which can generate feelings of loss. It is not unknown for women to feel differently about themselves especially when the abdomen carries several scars from previous surgery. Hysterectomy in particular can have a negative impact on some womenís self-esteem. The fact that your problem has been going on for ten years indicates that your difficulty is deeply ingrained. I would suggest that you attend a psychologist with a particular interest in sexual dysfunction in order to explore this matter further. I donít think that pills are the answer to your difficulty.