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Prolapse - fear of hysterectomy?

I am 42 and have prolapse of the womb. I have been given the choice of having a hysterectomy and I am scared to go ahead with it. I feel that if I let it get worse it would be easier to remove. I also wonder if I were to exercise would it go back up. At present the womb is protruding. In the past 2 weeks I am also suffering with pains in my upper stomach region. I do not know if it has anything to do with stress or prolapse. Do you have any advice for me?

You say that your womb is protruding. If you mean by that that the cervix or neck of the womb is well down in your vagina and possibly visible at the entrance to your vagina then you have no option other than surgery. Such significant degrees of prolapse are not likely to improve no matter what particular exercises you perform. You also suggest that if you waited a little while longer that the prolapse might get worse in which case it might be easier to remove the womb. The contrary could well be the case and you might proceed to develop additional difficulties if the prolapse is allowed to deteriorate. For example, you could experience some difficulties with controlling your urine. The upper abdominal pain you describe is more likely to be stress related rather than being a consequence of the prolapse. Given the degree of prolapse you describe I donít think you have any option other than surgery but it might be very helpful to you to discuss your concerns and fears about this operation. I would suggest that you talk further to your GP about this matter.