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Stent required urgently - no beds?

Three years ago I suffered a heart attack, which resulted in me having a stent inserted in my LAD (left anterior descending coronary artery) which was 95% blocked. Now following another angiogram I have been informed by the hospital that I have 90% narrowing in a branch of the same artery, plus 65% narrowing in my RCA (right coronary artery). Some weeks ago, I was verbally informed that a double stenting procedure was "critical" in my case and that the procedure would be performed as a matter of urgency. The urgent deadline has passed and I have not heard when the procedure is to take place. The delay is apparently due to a "bed crisis". I am in pain and alarmed. Should I be, or am I quite safe in the mean time taking the medications prescribed.

This is a most unsatisfactory situation. I cannot tell you not to be concerned because you have been medically advised that the stenting procedure is critical for you and needs to be performed as a matter of urgency. The level of narrowing in your coronary arteries is significant and no amount of drug treatment will reduce that for you. I regret to say that I have no words of comfort for you. If you experience any increase in the severity of your current symptoms or if any new symptoms develop you should go immediately to the Accident and Emergency Department.