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Medical records - transfer of records?

Iíve been with my present doctor for 48 years but now I want to change from a male doctor to a lady doctor. My present doctor says that the lady doctor should ring him but the lady doctor says that I should get my present doctor to ring her and send details of my notes. Could you please tell me who is right? I have given this a lot of thought before I told my present doctor.

I really donít see why either of the two doctors is insisting that the other should ring. These matters are usually disposed of quite simply in a brief letter from your new doctor to your former doctor. Your new doctor should simply indicate that you have transferred to her care and that you have requested that your notes be transferred. There is no excuse for you being caught in the middle of a stand off between the two doctors. If your new doctor does not wish to comply with the above simple suggestion then you should probably leave both doctors and start afresh elsewhere.