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Sterilisation - afraid to get pregnant?

I am 37 and my husband is 33. We are happily married with two lovely children and regard our family as being complete. For a while now, I cannot even think of making love with my husband as Iím so scared of getting pregnant. Iím too old now for having children and had problems with giving birth to my two children. Iím also overweight at 15 stone. I just want to be at ease, that when we make love, I havenít got to worry about getting pregnant. My husband is prepared to have a vasectomy but this can't be done on the medical card. I would love to be sterilised, that way I would have no worries and I could show my husband that I do love him. He feels so neglected but I canít risk getting pregnant again.

There is a special scheme in existence whereby vasectomy can be performed free of charge for men who have a GMS or medical card. You can contact your nearest IFPA (Irish Family Planning Association) clinic for further details on this. The other option would be for your GP to refer you to a gynaecologist in order to be sterilised. You would be entitled to have that procedure performed for free. A further option would be for your GP to insert a Mirena coil for you, assuming that your doctor has been specially trained in the insertion of that particular coil. Should that be the case the Mirena coil would provide you with contraceptive protection for the next five years. Your weight would not be a contraindication to you undergoing that procedure.