Medical Q&As

Eyelid - lump present?

Ever since the birth of my second child last August I have had a small lump on my eyelid, and complain of never-ending irritation in my eyes. Can you tell me what it is or at least if I should go to my doctor.

I would suggest that you visit your GP in order to have this lump identified properly. It sounds like a chalazion or meibomian cyst. A meibomian cyst is a painless swelling in the eyelid that has usually been present for many weeks or months. A stye or hordeolum, in contrast, tends to be acutely painful and tends to last for a few days. Meibomian cysts often occur in association with inflammation of the eyelids which may account for the irritation that you are currently feeling. These cysts can persist for a very long period of time and tend not to regress. It is possible to have the cyst removed and this can often be done as a day case, which eliminates the need for hospital admission. You can learn more about meibomian cysts by reading our special feature on this subject, which can be accessed at: