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Heart valves leaking - serious?

My husband has been diagnosed with two leaking valves and one blocked artery. How serious is this?

Your husbandís prognosis depends on a number of different factors. It depends on his current general state of health and whether or not he is suffering from any conditions other than the difficulties you mention. The degree of blockage in his coronary artery is also important. For example, a 50% blockage is less serious than an 80% blockage. It is also important to know which coronary artery is blocked because although each artery is important some are more important than others. For example, a blockage in the ďanterior descending coronary arteryĒ would be more significant than a blockage in one of the other coronary arteries. With regard to the leaking valves it is important to establish the degree to which the leaks are contributing to malfunction in the pumping action of the heart. It is possible to have some degree of leakage in the heart valves without any symptoms being present and without any need to intervene. You would need to discuss this matter with your husbandís cardiologist in order to get more specific details about your husbandís condition and prognosis.