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Testicle examination - routine?

I am going to my GP for a general check-up. I am a male in late 20ís so I would like a testicle check as well. Will the doctor most likely perform this as a routine part of the examination as I donít want to ask him for it unless I have to?

Testicular examination is not a routine part of a general medical check-up. Therefore I would suggest that you mention to your doctor that you would like him to perform this particular examination. It would also be useful for you to mention to him why you would like him to examine your testicles. For example, one man might want a testicular examination because of fears of cancer whereas another might want the examination because he fears that the testicles are of unequal size or even feel different to each other. The more information a doctor has from you when performing an examination the more he is able to address your real concerns. If on the other hand you have specific concerns that you conceal from the doctor then he is not able to inform or reassure you fully because you never really gave your real reason for attending.