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Miscarriage - resume sex when?

How soon after a miscarriage is it ok to have sex?

I am not aware of any research-based evidence that indicates when it is ok to resume sex after a miscarriage. People vary greatly in their emotional and physical response to miscarriage. Some women are ready to resume intercourse earlier than others whereas some may experience a significant reduction in sexual desire and might not resume intercourse for many weeks after the miscarriage. Talking with your partner about how you are both feeling is important so that misunderstandings do not arise between you. You should not resume intercourse if you have any persistent bleeding after a miscarriage nor should you do so if you have a vaginal discharge. It is best to avoid resumption of intercourse until these matters have resolved or have been successfully treated. The correct time for you to resume intercourse with your partner is when you both feel ready for it. That interval of time could be a week or two or it might be several weeks or months.