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Depression - diagnosis unclear?

My father has been suffering from tremors, loss of memory, staggering, loss of appetite, vomiting and complete exhaustion for several months. His own GP has said he thinks its depression and given him tablets which did nothing. Were now visiting doctors in hospitals getting blood tests etc but everything seems to take so long with very little result. Having contacted Aware they have said they did not know of any cases of depression that would have the above symptoms. Do you know where Id get more information on this?

Your father may well be depressed but that diagnosis does not account for all of his symptoms. You indicate that he is currently attending the hospital and that he is undergoing various investigations. Given the diverse range of symptoms that he is suffering from it is not surprising that his condition has not yet been fully diagnosed. I think that you need to speak directly to the doctors that are currently looking after your father. They are in possession of the relevant facts and would be in the best position to inform and advise you. I see little point at present in seeking answers elsewhere.