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Sexual intercourse - disappointing experience?

I am a 19 year old woman. My problem is of a sexual nature. I have had sexual intercourse with two different men. Each time during intercourse I have never felt anything at all. I become too wet. I donít feel the friction of the penis against my vaginal walls. Therefore sex for me is very disappointing. I want to know if this is normal. If it isnít then what is my problem? Should I consult a gynaecologist or a sexologist for this?

It is estimated that as few as 30% of women experience orgasm during sexual intercourse. Very often the failure to achieve orgasm is attributable to a lack of clitoral stimulation. The clitoris can be considered to be a female replica of the penis in the sense that it engorges with blood when it is stimulated. Once the clitoris is stimulated the chances of orgasm occurring increase. It is possible to engage in full penetrative sexual intercourse without the clitoris being stimulated, which is probably what happened in your two previous sexual experiences. Many men and women are not aware of the importance of the clitoris in sexual stimulation and many do not know where it is. You can see an anatomical drawing of the clitoris from Grayís Anatomy, by following this link: With regard to your comment about being too wet I would not regard that as being in any way abnormal. The fact that your vagina became wet during intercourse indicates that you were being sexually stimulated. These secretions have a lubricant effect and make intercourse more comfortable. If you did not become sufficiently moist during intercourse your vagina could become quite sore due to the friction effect of the penis rubbing off the dry walls of the vagina. I do not see any need for you to see a gynaecologist or sexologist based on the information contained in your question. You sound very normal to me.