Medical Q&As

Head injury - get it checked?

I banged my head and have a bad bump. Will it go just like any other bruise or should I get it checked? Itís still sore after 4 days.

A bump on the head can be very sore and can take many days to subside. Once the bump or haematoma develops there is little that can be done to accelerate its disappearance. An ice pack can help to prevent a bump from developing if it is applied very soon after the injury but once the bump is established the application of ice makes very little difference to the size of the lump. I am not overly concerned by the fact that the bump is still sore, which is to be expected 4 days after the injury. The main concern that I would have with any person that sustained a head injury is that they might have sustained an intracranial or internal head injury. If you lost consciousness, even if only for a brief period, then you should be medically assessed. You should also seek medical attention if you experience any of the following symptoms: severe increasing headache, vomiting or increased sleepiness. These symptoms would suggest the possibility of an intracranial injury and if they were to develop you should not ignore them and should see your doctor. That being said, it is unlikely that you would have sustained an intracranial injury unless severe violence was applied to the head.